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27 Replies to “Amateur Bisexual MMF 97”

  1. JaneCam says:

    Holy hell she is hot! Perfect tits, tasty looking pussy.

  2. AxlRosie says:

    love it

  3. georgebuckeye says:

    I love this guy he got a nice cock and love those balls

  4. leonwrightheart says:

    6:20??? Whos that girl

  5. eramella says:

    And.... I came twice..

  6. meesch81 says:

    I did the exact same thing. Made an account just to say hot damn. He is gorgeousssss.

  7. Spiderwolf says:


  8. Helpxxxxxx says:


  9. AzizBiH says:

    wow *w*

  10. austinlamon says:

    damn that's a big dick.... although about 3 inches are wasted on this sexy as fuck whore

  11. tonybsnr says:

    she is so cute

  12. RedQuark says:

    That ass is absolutely perfect.

  13. Scott_Lehman says:

    the dicks just glide in her

  14. Marganimal says:

    i'g give him an A

  15. mattsherrill1 says:

    What a lucky fucking girl! She seems so genuinely excited about it!

  16. CMN says:


  17. janboniek says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many stunningly gorgeous girls get into porn. She's insanely hot. Fuck, how I would love to pump a huge load on her awesomely perfect tits!

  18. Elaine says:

    Perfect video,I wold like to be fucked like that!!!

  19. Noko4 says:

    Simply mind blowingly perfect Andie 3

  20. Dexter_M says:

    He is an asshole. The only way I'll be into that is if I was planning on committing suicide the next day lol

  21. Claudius says:

    I love this guy, more vids with him please.

  22. Elaine says:

    Jeeeeeeez, trim that shit! Otherwise awesome.

  23. Matty_Ahoy says:

    Id love to fuck her ass

  24. MRoutt says:

    WOW! What an amazing performance from Danika! Love how she put her hand into her ass! My small hands would fit well too! Hot action with that huge clear dildo! Gives a real good stretch of her bung hole! Love at the end how Danika does a D2M! Very hot! I give this exciting vid a score of XXXX! Worth repeat viewings!

  25. Talshere says:

    This is a well made and surprisingly creative use of music in an HMV.

  26. susanhillam54 says:

    Me too. I was surprised when I seen it considering most girls now days, especially younger ones like her, shave theirs. I wish more girls were like her.

  27. soljah11 says:

    If I had a dick like that in front of me Id let it fuck me the same exact way how fucking hot

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