My Hot Sexy Gay Friend Joins Me And Wift in Bed

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35 Replies to “My Hot Sexy Gay Friend Joins Me And Wift in Bed”

  1. HermanB says:

    If u like this comment ill suck yo dick

  2. rshanline says:

    wow how cool

  3. bsingle122 says:

    Her outie bellybutton is so cute and sexy!

  4. snomes says:

    holy fucking shit! cant handle HD porn! just so fucking awesome good shit!

  5. Paacket says:

    this is the best thing i've ever seen, it made me so fucking wet!

  6. kymamo says:

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    damn what a big juicy ass

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  12. SimonNewton says:

    I heard you tried applying for BP and got ARRESTED after attempting this lol.. 3 years later

  13. Elaine says:

    I need a chick to grind her pussy in my mouth. Grab my head too. Cum right in my mouth

  14. TheFatOwl says:

    the blonde girl's name is Caylian Curtis

  15. thesakman86 says:

    Made it to 23:11 without any lube. I'll settle for that.

  16. arkanegunner says:

    My girl is quite unhappy with me because I won't fuck her at her house, Solely because she has 4 cats that love to stare.

  17. Thegreat0ne says:

    Amazing ass, it looks really good in that fishnets tights.

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  19. Brandler1 says:

    just because a video invove your feet, it doesnt makeit a foot fetish video.

  20. Drojas says:

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  21. AliL33 says:

    At least this guy knows how to keep his cock hard and inside a girl's ass. I hate it when they keep pulling it out or have trouble maintaining an erection.

  22. rogerwillis1 says:

    The title is pretty much spot on, lol

  23. tapout09 says:

    So hot love to cum in your pussy

  24. morlaine1 says:

    In my opinion, the lighter skin guy fucked the best.

  25. LH_NGO says:

    No one has commented that she is not wearing black stockings. She told the dude that she was not on birth control!1 Woo Wee

  26. Mark-Liebman says:

    just like my friends mom!

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    she would make me cum in less than a minute that georgous lady

  29. jjmiami says:

    never saw so much fake lol

  30. RyanSherman91 says:

    And people are wondering why men are refusing to marry American sluts these days.

  31. canthou says:

    love that ass my wife got one but better!!!!!!!

  32. mnubanksy says:

    Great vid but I can have my shell head sucked for 13hrs straight without needing to cum.

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    Nothing like a little nigga to help me cum

  35. modulus says:

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