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Alessandra Palladino;Alex Junior

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Alessandra Palladino and Alex Junior

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34 Replies to “BISEXUAL BAREBACKING 1 - Scene 2”

  1. Terra_Nata says:

    Name of the songs?

  2. Deltadiamond says:

    Plzzz give me a blowjob, ur fucking amazing

  3. Lyonenyo says:

    Love the looks on your face from when you kiss and tease each other in the beginning to when he fills you with cum, makes the video look so sexy but natural.

  4. bjiannot says:

    so fuckable.. next level of sexy right there!

  5. sumitkharb says:

    Wow very sexy .. Nice boobs and lovely bum and pussyb

  6. marsrf says:

    Who is she?

  7. sheldonbain2 says:

    Kirby1617 - Lol is that what you have to say to make yourself feel better about being a cuck? Cucks are weak, insecure men who ultimately have fears of being cheated on and watching their wives gives them some sense of security and reassurance that they’re in control. If you actually love your significant other and you’re laying it down right, there’s no reason to do that shit besides being a slut that cant settle for one guy lol. And the dudes are just insecure weirdos.

  8. tabeltone says:

    mom and son greats mix combination what

  9. eltonzoto says:

    The guy is a gay man like ace rockwood and jason luv is gay too blacked raw and blacked fool the audience and greg lansky is an homophobe.He tell to these men to lie and don't tell anyone that they are gays ace rockwood have a career in gay porn its sad that people who buy this dunno what they are buyin and it's sad to use gay men to perform in straight porn there is a huge homophobia behind this let's be honest that we don't have with lesbians who act the same in both,boycott this shit!

  10. efratkaplan2 says:

    my dick just grew an inch from reading that LOL

  11. johnoliver315 says:

    I like your "brother" 's blackflag tattoo

  12. GuyChabra says:

    Great Viagra, am i right?

  13. LoveMyBoys12 says:

    omg your ass is nice. i can see you got that A1 Head

  14. bmchampagne says:

    This daddy can fuck me anytime...

  15. Dirk_Blyth says:


  16. DjLatinoHeat says:

    Fuck my pussy

  17. genuinecrazy says:

    The guy looks like Laurent Fignon LOL

  18. edanddeb1 says:

    Fuck you pay for it if you want it. Otherwise watch it for free and don't complain.

  19. SharkHunter says:

    Not up there with the old Max Hardcore, but the girls are nicer.

  20. ChuckB says:

    Mmmmmm, Tender,Vicious and Beautiful Milf.

  21. denisryan_43 says:

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  22. g4pilut says:

    Jonny Pitt

  23. rob66 says:

    this is literally the best reply i have ever read

  24. thomaspoike says:

    That shits hot. Would love to see my wife take that.

  25. Janice-LS says:

    oh what

  26. phonetique says:

    Cherie is so funny.  I adore her!

  27. rishi-puri says:


  28. 412Pirate says:

    thank you for saying this!!!

  29. frauenversteh37 says:


  30. maridunham says:

    Ya what I was thinking one perfect ()

  31. genuine_laxer says:

    one of my favrouite corrina....

  32. sk1pt says:

    1st: weak load. Definitely. 2nd: why did it look like he didn't have balls?? 3rd: Hilton looks hot

  33. angelinaindenve says:

    Ur amazing lol

  34. cameraphoto04 says:

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